St. Joseph Seminary is a Roman Catholic seminary located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The seminary is a place for men who think that God’s plan for them might be to serve the Church as a diocesan priest.

In a supportive community atmosphere, St. Joseph’s seeks to reproduce that first seminary experience that the apostles had with Jesus himself: living with him, eating with him, listening to him and asking him questions, travelling with him, and gradually being prepared by him for a share in his mission. In accordance with the Sulpician teaching tradition, the members of the seminary Formation Team and the seminarians live together in a fraternal community.

Seminarians receive much of their academic education at Newman Theological College, which is located on the same campus overlooking Edmonton’s beautiful river valley. Courses at Newman emphasize academic excellence, but also integrate the human and spiritual development of the student.

The current campus was completed in 2011, and St. Joseph Seminary has operated since 1927. More than 500 of our graduates have been ordained to the priesthood.