Prospective Seminarians

Do you feel called to discern in seminary?

For men considering a vocation in the Catholic diocesan priesthood, they are strongly encouraged to contact their own parish priest and diocese’s Vocation Office. Candidates for the diocesan priesthood will go through a process within their own diocese before being accepted at the Seminary. The process of formation at St. Joseph Seminary varies with the candidate’s educational background. Some will start off with a Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy. For people with a degree or some University experience, they will still need to take the required philosophy courses to move on into Theology. After philosophy, there is the Propaedeutic year that acts as a spiritual reflection and introduction to Theology. Lastly, Theology will be taken at Newman Theological College, and an internship placement in a parish in their own diocese, where the final years of formation to the priesthood take place.

Prospective men may experience the life of a seminarian during a Come and See weekend held each year. This retreat includes meeting with the formation team of faculty priests, partaking in vocation sessions and testimonies, participation in the liturgy, and informal discussions with the seminarians. The Come and See weekend acts as an information weekend, and while attendance at the weekend is not a requirement to enter the seminary, it may be helpful in the decision to further discern here.

Admission Requirements

Formation Overview explains this in more detail

St. Joseph Seminary is open to men who have, at a minimum, successfully completed high school and who are sponsored for the Roman Catholic priesthood by their Diocese. A letter of sponsorship is required from their Bishop.

To apply, candidates must submit an application form. This form and a list of required documents are available through the candidates’ Vocation Director. For contact details check the applicable diocesan Vocation Office web site. With the approval of their bishop, the candidate’s application would be forwarded to St. Joseph Seminary by his Vocation Director. For more information about the seminary please Contact Us. You may also visit the seminary by making arrangements with the Rector in advance.

Academic Requirements

Those applying to the seminary must first speak to their local Vocation Director. After acceptance by a diocese, the applicant to the Seminary would need the basic requirements to enter a Post-Secondary institution. The Church requires that a seminarian enter into a preparatory year (Propaedeutic/Spiritual year) followed by studies in philosophy. These studies are the major component of an undergraduate degree. Once this philosophy (undergraduate degree) is completed, the seminarian studies theology and normatively receives a graduate degree (MDiv) in the process. For more detailed information, Contact Us.

Where do I start?

If you feel that you have a call to diocesan priesthood or think it might not be a bad idea, the first step is to contact your Vocation Director or your parish priest.  He will talk to you about where you are in your discernment journey, then go from there.  You might be ready right away, or you might need some time to pray over this journey.  Please go to the website of your diocese to find the contact information for your Vocation Director, or simply talk to your parish priest.