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Rev. Fr. Jorge de los Rios


Fr. Jorge Mario was born in Colombia.  He studied Philosophy and Theology at the Major Seminary of Brasilia from January 1991 to December 1997. He was ordained to the Priesthood in Brasilia on December 6, 1997.  Father served as a parish pastor at Saint John Evangelist Parish from 1997-2006.  He taught classes at FATEO (Faculty of Theology  - Archdiocese of Brasilia) from 1998-2006 and at the Major Seminary of Brasilia in 1999, 2002, 2005, 2006 when he was sent to Rome to study Dogmatic Theology. He returned to Brasilia as an assistant at Our Lady of the Lake Parish and professor again at the Seminary and FATEO.  He was a member of the formation team at Saint Joseph Seminary in Crato Ceara, Brasil. He came to Canada to serve in the Spanish language community and was appointed as the Parochial Administrator in the parish of Our Lady of Assumption, Saint Boniface, Manitoba. In 2016 he was received by Saint Sulpice as a candidate and has been appointed to the formation team at St. Joseph Seminary in Edmonton, Alberta.


Post-Secondary Education (degrees obtained)

  Masters Degree in Theology                                             2006 - 2008

 Pontificia Università Gregoriana. Rome, Italy.


 Specialization in Philosophy                                               2000 - 2002

 Instituto Packter, Porto Alegre, Brazil


 License of Philosophy                                                        1999 - 2000

 University of Goiania, Goiania, Brazil


 Bachelor’s Degree in Theology                                          1994 – 1997

 Major Seminary of Brasilia, Brasilia, Brazil


Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy                                         1991 – 1993

 Major Seminary of Brasilia, Brasilia, Brazil


Pastoral Experience

 Parochial Administrator                                                         2010 -2016

 Winnipeg, Nuestra Señora de la Asunción                                                         


 Parochial Vicar                                                                      2008 - 2009

 Brasilia, Our Lady of the Lake, Brazil       


 Pastor                                                                                    1997- 2006

 Brasilia, Saint John Evangelist, Brazil


Teaching Experience

 Professor and team formation member                                  2010

Grand Seminary of Crato (Brazil)


Professor                                                                                 2009                                                                  

Theology for Laics (FATEO- Faculty of Theology.  Archdiocese of Brasilia) and Seminary of Brasilia


Professor                                                                                2006

Theology for Laics (FATEO- Faculty of Theology. Archdiocese of Brasilia) and Seminary of Brasilia


Taught courses: Theology of Revelation, Christology, Mariology, Ecclesiology, Sacraments, Eschatology, Ecumenism and Inter religious dialogue.




Relationship between Mary and the Church in the sermons of saint Agustin.

Pontificia Università Gregoriana. Rome, Italy (Masters)