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Current Seminarians

Our Seminarians come from all over Canada, all over the world.  When they arrive at St. Joseph Seminary, we first group them according to their stage of education - working on a Philosophy degree, Propaedeutic year or working on a degree in Theology.  Within each of these areas, we break them into smaller groups.  These groups then meet each week to talk about their experiences or about saints or about current issues, etc.


Interns      Senior Theologians      Junior Theologians
Curtis B. - Archdiocese of Edmonton   Deacon Salomon B. - Diocese of Nelson   Serge B. - Archdiocese St. Boniface
JD C. - Archdiocese of Edmonton       Deacon Parker L. - Archdiocese of Regina   Tai L. - Diocese of Prince Albert
Mark D. - Diocese of Calgary   Deacon Anthony T. - Archdiocese of Regina   Chad M. - Archdiocese of Edmonton
Chris J. - Archdiocese of Regina      Deacon Chinh V. - Archdiocese of Regina   Jonathan Q. - Archdiocese of Edmonton
Andrew L. - Archdiocese of Regina     
  Adam R. - Archdiocese of Edmonton
Arun M. - Diocese of St. Paul          Santiago T. - Diocese of Calgary
Reed M. - Archdiocese of Regina         
Barry T. - Diocese of Prince Albert         
Brian T. - Archdiocese of Regina         
Adrian T. - Diocese St. Paul        


Pre-Theologians      Philosophers      Propaedeutic
Peter A. - Diocese of Calgary      Ryan B. - Archdiocese of Grouard-McLennan      Zachariah B. - Archdiocese of Edmonton
Ian M. - Diocese of Calgary      Matt B. - Diocese of Nelson      Isaac N. - Archdiocese of Edmonton
Kevin P. - Diocese of Calgary      Michael L. - Archdiocese of Edmonton      Christopher P. - Archdiocese of Winnipeg
Matthew S. - Diocese of Calgary      Jake M. - Archdiocese of Edmonton      Jozef R. - Archdiocese of Grouard-McLennan
Zhan S. - Military Ordinate      Andrew S. - Archdiocese of Edmonton      Joseph S. - Archdiocese of Edmonton
Joseph Y. - Diocese of Victoria      Thomas W. - Archdiocese of Grouard-McLennan   John V. - Archdiocese of Edmonton
            Emmanuel U. - Diocese St. Paul