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Welcome Message from the Rector
Reverend Father Stephen Hero

This website is not a substitute for a visit to the Seminary but I hope that, as you browse through these pages and visit them regularly for news on recent and upcoming events, you will have a genuine sense of our community, our history, our life, as well as our program of priestly discernment and formation.

God has a plan for each one of us. The Scriptures present this plan in different ways: as a call to holiness, a call to loving obedience, a call to service, and as a call to a particular mission in the Church.

The seminary is a place for men who think that God’s plan for them might be to serve as a priest in the Church today. The seminary is thus a space and a place where they can test and discern the call that they are hearing mysteriously in the depths of their heart. In order to assist in this, the seminary seeks to be a formational community of disciples gathered around the Lord Jesus and to reproduce that first seminary experience that the apostles had with the Saviour himself: living with him, eating with him, listening to him and asking him questions, travelling with him and gradually being prepared by him for a share in his mission.

The way of life at the seminary is intended to foster over time a complete openness to God’s call – docility to the Holy Spirit – through formation in a life of Christian virtue, liturgical and personal prayer, study, and pastoral ministry. As men grow in the image of Christ, they will be able to respond freely and generously to the particular mission that God has in mind for them.

Please pray for the men in formation at St. Joseph Seminary, for our alumni, and for all who are thinking about their vocation. And know that we are praying for you too. May St. Joseph, the foster-father of the Lord Jesus, support us all with his powerful prayer and patronage!

Fr. Stephen Hero, Rector